Cancer Risk Associates, PLLC

Philosophy of Why – Empowering individuals, families, providers, and healthcare systems in genomic health!

Cancer Risk Associates, PLLC exists as offspring from my years in cancer genetics.  Working in a field that literally changes daily has been one of the highlights of my career in nursing and has allowed for personal and professional growth beyond my wildest dreams.  The field of omics is amazing – genomics, pharmacogenomics, symptomomics, epigenomics and the impact that genetic evaluation can have on treatment, management, and wholistic care compels me to this field.

The patient is at the heart of why!  They must be some of the bravest, if not the bravest, population of patients I have had the opportunity to care for in my career.  Their courage, determination, and willingness to contribute to broader knowledge inspires me to strive for excellence in my practice.

Knowledge is power – and the sheer speed with which knowledge enters the field of genomics and omics at large – is as lightening.  The teams of amazing and gifted physicians and providers who collaborate in the care of these individuals and families moves me to push my own limits.  The desire to provide the best personalized medicine available on this day is my goal.  No one individual could possibly have the wealth of knowledge required to provide wholistic care – it takes a team of individuals passionate about what they do.  I am honored to be part of that team and hold dear to my heart the patients and families that I care for.

Physicians and providers – my fellow colleagues impress me with their vast knowledge and desire for excellence.  Their own fields are experiencing daunting information expanses and yet they embrace new knowledge and opportunities to chart new territory.  Infiltration of genomic information into medicine and the USPSTF mandate that primary care providers have knowledge regarding cancer genetics is overwhelming when healthcare providers readily admit their knowledge level is deficit.  Introducing and educating providers in genomics is something I desire.  Physicians have for many years been ordering complex tests and interpreting difficult results – why should genomics be any different.  Providing consultation, resources, education, and collaboration is an honor as is empowering healthcare professionals to embark with confidence on this journey is a goal of Cancer Risk Associates, PLLC.

Centers of Excellence – who defines and what constitutes?  High Risk Breast, Precision Medicine – how does one achieve.  Consultation with healthcare systems and physician groups in developing a vision, establishing a strategic plan, multidisciplinary collaboration, and actualizing programs that are nationally recognized and embrace models of care that are new and innovative – true leaders in the field of genetic/genomic care is part of our mission.  Embarking on programs that are forward thinking as demand far exceeds capacity.  The survivors in this era of omics will be the visionaries!

Doctor Catherine Marcum

Dr. Catherine A. Marcum