Ability to afford payment should never hinder anyone from seeking genetic evaluation.  

Medical Insurance pays for genetic evaluation of all individuals who meet National Comprehensive Network Guidelines for genetic testing for specific cancers.  If an individual does not meet guidelines and desires genetic evaluation – out of pocket cost is $250.00 or less.  Financial Assistance from the labs may further reduce or eliminate cost.  

Free single-site testing for inherited risk genes may be offered to an individual’s family free of charge.

GINA – Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act provides protection for an individual’s health insurance.  An insurer cannot deny or drop an individual based on an abnormal genetic test result – premiums may not be increased, and an insurer may not charge a higher co-pay for surveillance verses diagnostic screenings.  The GINA law guards against workplace discrimination for hire, fire, and promotion.  It safeguards an individual’s and family’s privacy of genetic information.