Health Care Consultation

Precision Medicine has been the buzz in medicine for years; however, many health systems struggle with how to implement a precision medicine program.  Defining precision medicine and adopting a definition that appropriately encompasses that organization’s definition along with conveying that to their customers can be difficult.  Identifying key components is essential to success of any precision medicine program but equally important is the ability to actualize those components.  Building trust and public awareness requires more than simply capitalizing on words that portray personalized medicine as fundamental to the care provided – but actually incorporates omics into practice.  Omics is essential to precision medicine and precision medicine cannot exist without it.  Omics is diverse and includes input from many facets of the healthcare team to see personalized medicine actualized.

Cancer Risk Associates, PLLC provides consultation to healthcare service organizations and physician teams to facilitate development and implementation of precision medicine into practice.  Bringing multidisciplinary teams together to visualize, plan, and develop precision medicine programs is an honor.  Many in the healthcare arena tout providing precision medicine and that may be true to some extent.  Having a comprehensive precision medicine program sets organizations apart as expert – and encompasses the multifaceted complexion of omics.

High Risk Genetics is another area of consultation.  Many healthcare organizations claim to have a high risk program whether it be for breast or in general; however, developing and implementing a high risk program is complex.  Actualizing a comprehensive high risk program, whether for breast or general requires vision, resources, scientific rigor, and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Cancer Risk Associates, PLLC is honored to be able to work with healthcare systems in developing high risk programs.  Visualizing, planning, and actualizing a program takes money, collaboration, and leadership.  Marketing to the consumer a high risk program is much more than a simple tool used at annual mammogram to estimate empiric risk.  It is comprehensive, wholistic, real-time, and progressive in its care and direction.  It is an honor to work with healthcare systems and providers in developing models of care that exemplify comprehensive, current, and science solid programs that address the high risk population’s medical needs while considering economics.